coupleonbedGuys this shit is easy!

Just talk about whats on your mind. Tell a story like PDX does and reveal your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings. CHICKS EAT THIS UP. It will seriously blow your mind. You don’t have to try and be funny or anything else. Just relate your humanity to her. It is very interesting and she will most likely have NOT met a man who has done that before with her.This Juggler stuff will put you miles ahead of 99% of the guys out there. Rely on your humanity….people will flock to you because you are different and interesting and CONFIDENT enough to say whats on your mind.

This stuff has improved my relations with everybody. Family, AFC friends, PUA friends, and especially chicks! Share yourself and EXPRESS yourself.

When you tell a story…LIVE the story over and relate whatever thoughts andemotions you had at the time and even the ones you are having now that you look back on it. Make it about YOU! As Juggler says: ALWAYS BE EXPRESSING. This shit is money. This is coming from the heart. This stuff will drastically improve your game because it’s EASY and it’s YOU. Have an expressive week.

PS: I’ll post my most recent stuff to give you an example as PDX did. When I have some time (Damn, these new ‘routines’ are ENDLESS!).