There is nothing wrong with a girl asking you questions. This means she is interested in you. It is an indicator of interest. You want to encourage and reward her curiosity.

However the dynamic you want to set up in most situations is the two of you both offering up your thoughts on deep feelings, passions and favorite sexual positions.

Yes, when someone asks a question it is taking the lead, sort of. It is really a false lead though. To really lead you need to take a chance and put yourself out there. Just like I continually tell guys on this list.

Make statements not questions. It is too easy just to sit back and ask questions and not expose yourself to risk.

Okay, having said all that, what you want is for her to ask you serious interesting questions. If you ever feel a girl’s question is leading you away from seduction then you want to reframe it for her.

You: “A better question would be, ‘What kind of person makes the best lover?'”

Keep tone easy and sympathetic. Then you go on to answer your new question.

This accomplishes the task of not answering what you consider a stupid question while at the same time letting her feel her curiosity is appreciated, all the while staying on target for seduction.