I am a pretty good PUA and I care about each and every girl. I usually am seeing three or four at a time but when I lose one I am sad. Lost one this week. A really sweet girl. She had an innocent and affectionate personality I really enjoyed. It pains me she is out of my life. However, the pain IS different from what you feel when you lose a girl you have oneitis over. You will get to the point where you see this. You will care more for a girl’s soul then you care for her being in your life. Does that make sense? I am sad she will miss the things I can bring to her. I am sad I will miss seeing the things I could bring out of her.

It is like being a hunter. You study the prey. You learn how the prey thinks. You try to anticipate the prey’s moves. After awhile you can’t help but somewhat admire, understand and care for the prey. Of course, when you see the prey you are still going to kill it but you have a kind of compasion in your heart.Many people in this group will cop an antitude of not caring for girls. I think they are not really being honest with themselves or they are not real artist or they are sloppy typers and they mean they don’t NEED any PARTICULAR girl.

If you come with the attitude that Neo-Rio suggests and remember you are the prize and you can do many good things for a girl you will always win.