I have found the Juggler method to be the essential foundation of a successful PU. Of course, you need a full dose of ASF to be completely successful. I consider Juggler method to be essential because it keeps the conversation flowing. A dead conversation is a dead sarge. A natural conversation is best. For me the main thing about Juggler method is to amplify her responses and dig into her world by making statements, and NOT INTERROGATE her with questions.


YOU: (Instead of, “So where are you from?”)
Go “You look like a country girl”
she’ll tell you where she is from.
[Then expand on that] YOU: “I hear all the chicks from xxxx are really wild.”
She’ll tell some are…
YOU: You look like a nice-good chick, maybe too nice for me; I don’t know
if we will get along.
She will tell she is wild too…
You expand and expand…get the picture

This gets the conversation started and rolling…Now you need to add the other ingredients to build the attraction. Add C&F to her responses…add massive VALUE, Gimmicks (cube, s.fields, ESP, etc.) KINO… Qualifiers…Go SS…Isolate and go Gunwitch…and close.

As you rely on Juggler method as your foundation you will feel like a natural PUA cause you are running freestyle!

Its really that simple :) As an exercise, try going purely Juggler and see how well it works for you, if anything it will build your conversational skills.