Common signs of interest from the girl, applicable mostly in bar-room and club situations.

  • She compliments you on virtually anything. Women are used to receiving compliments, notgiving them. So if she points out a positive characteristic, you’ve impressed her.
  • She’s disagreeing but laughing. Flirtatious sarcasm, as in “Yeah, right, like I believe that!”means she’s into you. If she weren’t, she’d simply “Uh-huh” you into oblivion.
  • She keeps asking you to repeat yourself. She’s not allowing the blasting music to come between the two of you. A suggestion of a quieter corner to talk in will be well received.
  • She laughs at your lame junior high school–level jokes. She’s obviously lust drunk. Or maybejust drunk.
  • She touches you anywhere. Touch her back in the equivalent place, and let her up the ante, justin case her touch was an accidental slip of the hand.
  • She stays put. If you run to drain the monster and she’s still where you left her when you return,you’re doing something right. Likewise if she comes back to you after she powders her nose.
  • She doesn’t flinch. If you reach across her to grab a drink or an ashtray and she doesn’t pull back, she’s feeling physically comfortable with you. Don’t blow it, pal.
  • She says, “Hey, where ya goin’?” as you leave the bar. She’s angling for an invite. Even if she ultimately says no (she may not feel safe going off with you or may not want to ditch her friends) it’s a sign she’s game for a future hookup.