A badge bunny is someone with which every law enforcement officer should be familiar. Getting involved with badge bunnies questions your credibility, creates trouble, and can even ruin your career. What is a badge bunny? A badge bunny is a woman who dates cops and only cops. In other words, she goes out of her way to intimately date police officers. To a badge bunny, every police officer is a sexy, buff policeman wearing tight trousers. If you’re looking for a long-term, fulfilling relationship, you probably don’t want to date someone who only wants you because you wear a uniform, carry a nightstick, and rough up perps. How do you tell if the woman you’re pursuing or dating is a badge bunny? Here are a few tell-tale signs she’s a badge bunny:

She knows a lot of cops: Unless her family has deep law enforcement roots, knowing dozens of police officers is a tell-tale warning sign that you’ve hooked yourself a badge bunny. If the only law enforcement officers she knows are her third cousin and this one dude she went to high school with, chances are, she’s not a badge bunny. However, if she mentions knowing a few officers from the police department in the neighboring town, her last 3 ex-boyfriends were cops, she knows five of your squad mates, and her ex-husband is the sheriff, your love interest is probably a badge bunny.

She loves seeing you in uniform: Most women can’t resist a man in uniform, but badge bunnies are of a different breed. They always want you in your tactical gear and act disinterested when you’re wearing civilian clothes. To a badge bunny, any police officer is sexy, just because he is an officer of the law. The officer could be missing a front tooth, have a face full of zits, and smell like wet dog. But as long as he’s driving a paddy wagon, wearing standard-issue sunglasses, and had a gun strapped to his hip, Miss Badge Bunny would be tailing him, looking for a date.

She owns a police scanner: Police scanners are radios available to ordinary citizens to eavesdrop on the police. Often times, police scanners are often owned by the elderly and provide them with a source of entertainment throughout the day. Unless she’s interested in pursuing a law enforcement career of her own, owning a police scanner is a red flag she’s a badge bunny. Miss Badge Bunny loves officers so much, she wants to know what exactly they’re up to and wear to find them. Often times on the scanner, officers will announce they’re talking their dinner break, and will say they’re headed to the Perkins on 1st Street. Badge bunnies are a persistent breed and won’t hesitate to hop in her car & head down to the restaurant for a prime opportunity to meet policemen.

You met at a police-friendly bar: In nearly every town, there’s a bar (or two) known to be law enforcement-friendly. Badge bunnies know this and flock to these known establishments to chat up cops. Regardless if you were wearing a uniform or not, if you met at this pub, she’s probably a badge bunny. If you didn’t meet her there, but she mentions her favorite local hotspot is the police-friendly bar, chances are also good she’s a badge bunny.

You met her while in uniform: This isn’t a huge red flag, but when combined with any of the other signs, it can be a warning sign. You and your partner were enjoying a nice lunch break at Denny’s, when, out of the blue, a lady walks up to you, chats you up, and gives you her number. “Call me sometime, cutie!” *wink*! Or perhaps you met her during a traffic stop & she gave you her number. This could be the sign of a badge bunny, but she also might think you’re a nice, genuine person, so use caution with this tip. On the other hand, if you met her wearing street clothes, and she was receptive to your advances (or vice versa), she’s probably not after you because you’re a uniform-wearing cop.

Getting involved with a badge bunny can put an officer on dangerous ground. If you think the lady you’re dating is a badge bunny, proceed with caution. Think carefully before getting involved with a badge bunny.