Every man should know how to give his woman multiple ways to get g-spot orgasms. The more methods he knows, the better it will be for her.

Here are four ways to really give her the great experience she wants and deserves! Your first goal should be to rock her world. If it’s all about HER then you will be focused on what she should get out of it.

First, you must give her a clitoral release. It is the first step in your process. Always use a light touch with this tender spot and make sure that you tease a lot. Less is more here. You should touch, and then let her moan and writhe for a minute before you touch her again. Continue this, while resisting the urge to place a lot of pressure there and thrusting away with your fingers.

Continue this until she has a climax. The better you get at this process, the more powerful stimulation and release she will receive.

Second, you give her a g-spot orgasm. Usually, a two-finger technique, using your index and middle fingers on the spot will give her the rushing sensation she wants and needs. Use a greater pressure and more strokes per minute. Use this relentless technique and she will soon really find what she wants.

She should start to feel the pressure grow and grow until she convulses, shakes, shudders, and has a great release. This type of orgasm is usually deeper, longer, and more exciting because to most women it is different.

Third, now go back and repeat step one. That is important to get the third gear that drives the stimulations deep and intense. This will make her crazy for the fourth step. The more clitoral orgasms that she receives, generally the more intense and lasting they will be. Practice over time and you’ll be able to regulate what your lover receives.

Fourth, now go and do both techniques at the same time. Use your thumb on the clit and your two fingers on her as in step two. When both types of climaxes happen at the same time, it will truly rock her world. She will be tenting in and out at the same time. For most women this is a new experience and one that is very intense, fun, and somewhat scary at the same time. Reassure her.

Always ask for feedback and ask her what she felt and how you could have done it better. Constant improvement will make you the best lover, ever!
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