Dating different girls use different means. Dating girls in different countries and even more so today we’ll take a look and national girls dating interesting.

Caucasian girls (United Kingdom Netherlands Germany, American girls and their descendants)

First date: You will then kissed her good night, a second date: there will be further contact with the body, the third date:’ll go to bed, but the most common way.

Irish girls

First date: You and her drink and then go to bed drunk, a second date: you drink drunk again and then go to bed her, married for 20 years: Do you still drink and her drunk and then go to bed.

Chinese girls

First Date: You take her to a very expensive restaurant, nothing happens. Second Date: You take her to a more expensive restaurant, still nothing happened. Third Date: You realize that nothing will never happen.

Mexico girls

First Date: You take her to eat luxurious dinner, drink an excessive amount of tequila drunk, then a relationship in the back seat. Second Date: she was pregnant. Third date: she moved into your home. A week later, her father, mother, sisters and brothers, their children, her grandparents, her father’s mother’s lover, her cousins, cousins, her sister’s boyfriend, and their three children He moved up. You can only eat rice and lentils every day. Your home like a Mexican slum.

Pakistani girls

First Date: Dating her family was found. Her parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, cousins, cousins, cousins, Shu Shen, uncle, aunt, friends and neighbors all meetings. Second Date: You headshot. No third date.

Italian girls

First Date: You take her to a show, and then go to a very expensive restaurant. Second Date: You meet her parents, her mother made you spaghetti and Italian meatballs. Third date: You sleep with her, she wanted to marry you, and stick to take three carat diamond ring. They married five years: You have five children, and I hate to sleep with her. Married 6 years: Do you think he has a mistress.

Indian girls

First date: I met her parents. Second Date: Convention wedding date. Third date: Married.

Black girls

First Date: You take her to eat very expensive dinner. Second Date: You have to take her and her friends to eat very expensive dinner. Third Date: You asked her to pay the rent. Tenth date: she was pregnant, the child is not yours.

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