How to Date a Busy Woman with 8 Steps

Are you attracted by these powerful,busy women who are working with their glasses on and their lives are full of meetings, cocktail parties, dinners and laptops? These simple 8 steps below will help you how to seduce a woman and date with her.

1 Be prepared to deal with Time issues.
She is very busy and she needs time to relax (if she ever relaxes) Don't press her to go out, let her think about the days she is available and if it is needed change your schedule.

2 Introduce yourself and learn about her.
Introduce yourself and if you want to compliment her say : " I am currently a (your occupation). I am not very busy because I could not stand it and admire the ones who can."

3 Get to know her.
Ask her about her academical studies, why she chose that section. Don't ask her like you are interviewing her for a job but just have a friendly discussion. You will see, she is going to be happy talking about her busy life.

4 Meet her "cycle" and her family.
Her friends may be from work. They will be a little snobby, be patient and get to know them. Don't judge them in front of her or with her.

5 Find things to do with her.

  • Do extreme sports. She is very stressed all the week and doing this kind of sports will make her relax in a way.

  • Don't go to a theatre or cinema. She will probably be talking all the time on her telephone. She will get bored.

  • Go to expensive restaurants to have dinner or lunch together. She is probably well off so going there will be more comfortable for her.

6 Money Issues.
If she wants to pay the bill, let her pay the bill.Just thank her and pay the next time.

7 Be aware of social issues.
She has probably many connections and friends so she is not a loner. Meet them if she wants you to.

8 Lose the jealousy issues.
She may be absent from home or not answering because her first priority is her Job. Remember that. Don't get jealous easily.


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