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What Older Women Know About Great Sex

Old science taught that men preferred younger women since they were genetically programmed to spread their sperm to as many potential women of childbearing years as possible to ensure their legacy. In modern times, although men still desire to unleash their sperm as often as possible, they are not necessarily looking for women to bear their children. What they do desire is to have great sexual encounters. More and more men are discovering that what older women know about sex can rock a young stud's world.

The first benefit of having an older woman as a casual sex partner is that she knows what she's doing. She's no longer fumbling in the dark to figure out how to work all the equipment, yours or hers. She knows what to do and how to handle it. She knows about sex because she has spent a couple of decades mastering her craft.

Many men understand that an older woman has probably seen it all, or pretty close to it. She understands that sometimes it will take a guy a little b…

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